The Guest Stars of
"Pandemic 2: The Startling"

by Wild Willie Westwood

Cpt. Taylor, Cpt. Gabriel, Official 1 (right) and 2, Official 3

Captain Taylor communicates with Washington, only to hear that the city is under invasion from monster guinea pigs. Connor, the perosn at the other end of the line, is eaten. The captains and the boys then try to find some form of civilization, but they run into a giant lost world. The captains are attacked by man-eating plants and eaten. The three officials have joined the others from "Pandemic" in updating Chertoff on new reports of giant guinea pig attacks.

An Anchorman, Townsman, Husband, Soldier 4, Soldier 5

An anchorman announces the presence of guinea bees as Randy and his family run out of Best Buy. The townsman announces that bees are everywhere. The husband announces the presence of a guineasaurus rex. Soldier 4 gets emotional when Chertoff yells at people, and runs away crying. Soldier 5 is with the panicking South Park residents. His left upper arm is bleeding.

New Director, Top Official 2

A new Director of Homeland Security is appointed after Chertoff is carted off to the penitentiary. and his top official brings him bad news: Chertoff, in the form of a giant guinea pig in prison stripes, has broken out of the penitentiary and is rampaging through Washington, D.C..