The Guest Stars of

by Wild Willie Westwood

Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, Cheerleaders 1 and 2

Tom Brady is part of a commercial for Butters' Creamy Goo. He chugs it down and is ready to get back in the game. Pyeton Manning is disheartened that he and the team have to practice on a Monday. Randy wants him to be more sarcastic about it, and he obliges. Randy approves. The first cheerleader says "Go Broncis Go!" and the second one says "Whoop de fuckin' do!"

A Butters Fangirl, #24 (a heckler), Cee Lo Green, Fan 1 and Fan 2

In a wet dream, Butters is greeted by a crowd of fangirls who scream at him as he drives by looking cool. This fangirl is just one of them, but she tells him she loves him. Number 24 heckles at Randy in the sidelines by saying "Lovin', not shovin'." Cee Lo sings the sarcastaball anthem, which is modeled on the American Anthem. Fan 1 is glad to see more Cee Lo on TV, fan 2 is a big fan of all his hit song.

Roger Goodell and Dan, Jim Rome, Side Judge, Doctor

Roger Goodell joins Dan and another commentator on commentary in the Broncos - Cleveland Browns game. Later on he brings Randy into the new sarcastaball league and names him the new coach of the Denver Broncos. Jim Rome is the host of Football Tonight, and in intervieews Randy via satellite about his victory over the Steelers. He promotes Butters' Creamy Goo during his show, but learns later that he was promoting semen from a boy, who's surely grounded for a long time. The side judge looks at the replay on a controversial call (touchdown or safety?) and declares it a field goal, in Denver's favor. The doctor who looks at Randy tells both Randy and Sharon that the sarcasm has done permanent damage to Randy's brain, so Randy does his best to warn others against sarcasm.

Photographer, Reporters 1 and 2

The photographer gets a photo-op with Randy and Commissioner Roger Goodell after Randy becomes the new Broncos' coach, while the two reporters interview Randy in the post-game conference after the Broncos' win against the Steelers.