The Guest Stars of

by Wild Willie Westwood

Cat Burglar, Man and Woman, Thad, the UPS Man, Officer

Cartman calls in a cat burglar to rape his mom, but Cartman is actually testing out Wolf's response time. He's not happy, as every minute that passes without response is another minute the cat burglar has with his mom. The officer finds the UPS uniform that causes the misunderstandings that lead to Thad's death. The man and woman catch the men of the town, wearing Bane masks, beating up Thad. They run off after being spotted. Thad delivers stuff to everyone in town, usually from Amazon, but finds himself in trouble for having sex with every woman in town. The persecutiion, and the lack of response from Wolf INsecurity, leads to his death.

Wolf Security Systems Personnel (Wolf Home Security, INsecurity)

Security Agent, Spokesman, Alvin, Brian. David

Jeff, Kevin, Marcus, Martin

Michael, Mike, Peter, Varashnu

These men all work for Wolf Security and its two daughter companies, Wolf Home Security and INsecurity. The agent comes by to introduce the products and get new customers... until Cartman and the men grab him in in the end. The spokesman shows off the many benefits of INsecurity in the INsecurity commercial. The telephone operators take calls and call in police when necessary, but often their service is lacking, which is what pisses Cartman off.

INsecurity Commercial participants

Husband and Wife, Stranger; Boy and his Mom, Shoe Salesman

The people here dramatize possible scenarios in which someone threatens them or their children. The husband and wife have twin daughters who are threatened at the beach by a passing stranger with a crowbar. The boy and his mom are in a shoe store when the salesman threatens the boy with a large knife. In both scenarios, the menace runs off after an INsecurity alarm goes off.