The Guest Stars of
"Going Native"

by Wild Willie Westwood

The Sheraton Residences... Residents

Chief David, Blond Man, Bill and Donna, Older Man and Wife Patty

Resident 1, Resident 2, Resident 3, Resident 4 (brunet man, major player), Resident 5, Resident 6

Resident 7, Resident 8, Resident 9 (left) and Hyatt Grand Vacationer, Waimea Canyoner

Resident 10, Resident 11, Resident 12, Resident 13, Resident 14

The blond man greets Kenny first, and later on announces that the Mahalo Rewards Card is being eliminated. Donna menntions that Poipu is getting overpopulated, while Bill calls out to the group when Kenny returns with the ingredients for the chichis. The older man drives his group around, showing Kenny and Butters the sights of Kauai. Patty explains terms from time to time. Chief David is the leader of the Residents. He officiates over Butters' hapa noa and leads the other residents against the cruise ship and the Coast Guard. Reisdent 4 is with the welcoming party, and he is the hawk amongst the residents, on the lookout against any haoles who might infiltrate the group. Resident 5 has trouble blowing into the conch horn, and he tells theh residents to not trust haoles. Reisent 8 comforts Butters when they see Kenny float down the Opaeka'a Stream. The other residents have small roles.

Cruise Ship First Mate, Man 1 and Woman 1, Coast Guard Captain, Teller, Information Officer, The King

The frst mate wonders why the residents are firing golf balls at the cruise ship. The couple recount how they were forced back onto theh cruis ship and the woman mentions Butters calling her a skank. The Coast Guard captain tries to get the natives to calm down, but has to fire back when he and his men are attacked with golf balls. The ticket teller wouldn't let Butters onto his flight, but Kenny agrees to go with him if the teller lets him onto the plane. The information officer asks Butters if he's with the cruise tourists or land tourists. The King... Well, Elvis makes an appearance as the ghost of Coco Palms. He guides Kenny to a vault full of vodka, pineapple juice and coconut milk, the three things needed to make chichis.