The Guest Stars of
"A Nightmare On Face Time"

by Wild Willie Westwood

Cops And Robbers

Officer 1, Officers 2 and 4, Officer 3, The Red Box Killers (Robbers 4, 2, 1, 3)

Officer 1 announces that a kid (Stan) is in the hospital and saw everything the Red Box Killers did when robbing the Kum & Go. Officer 3 takes down Stan's statement and later on goes inside the Gangnamstein costume. Later on he's shot dead by the very officers who had him go undercover into the Monster Mash to find the Red Box Killers. Officers 2 and 4 take turns shushing each other when one of them corrects Capt. Yates.

The Red Box Killers go around robbing Red Boxes and killing anyone who gets in their way. Robber 1 leads the others and interrogates Stan through Kyle's iPad. He has robbers 2 and 3 dispose of the iPad where no one is likely to find it. Robber 4 comes in with a flier showing where the boys were headed, and the killers go to the Monster Mash to look for them.

Man 1 and Woman 1, Man 2, Man 3, A Banana

Fillmore (on right) and friend, Ben and girlfriend, Family, Boys

The first couple and Man 2 greet the boys as they come trick-or-treating. Both Man 1 and Man 2 fail to recognize Cartman as Hulk. Gangnamstein runs into Man 3 while looking for the Red Box Killers. The banana realizes that Gangnamstein is a much better outfit than his own.

Fillmore and his friend lose a play ball that bounces across the street and stops at Blockbuster's doors. Randy picks it up and asks them if they want to rent some DVDs. The boys don't know what they are, which Randy interprets as a way of saying Blockbusters are creepy. He challenges them on that and they run away. He throws the ball after them. Ben and his girlfriend play a nice role here: first they notice that the Blockbuster has reopened, but they're afraid to approach it. When they see Randy, they run away. Later on, they come by Kyle's iPad and see Stan on it. Once they wake him, he tells them to warn his friends about the Red box Killers, and they take him - er, Kyle's iPad - to the hospital for observation. When Gangnamstein goes on the rampage he breaks into a living room and scares the family watching a movie on their XBos, then breaks into a boy's room where two boys are watching [Halloween 4 on an iPad] and scares them away as well.

The Ghosts of Blockbusters Past

Shopper (Emily) and her husband, Ghost 2 (Blockbuster Employee)

Emily looks for Turner & Hooch but can't find it. When Randy offers to tell her where it is, she vanishes. Later, her husband comes looking for her but can't find her. Finally, Randy talks to an all-knowing ghost who suggests that Randy's Blockbuster will be successful if he gets rid of his Negative Nancys, Stan and Sharon. Randy won't do it.