The Secrets of
"A Nightmare On FaceTime"

by Wild Willie Westwood, with sources from all over the Web

Turnkey - fully stocked and ready for business. All you have to do is turn the key and open the doors.

"The average person still wants to rent movies they can hold in their hands" - this argument is also used for music, books, and newspapers.

"Streaming movies is not for everyone!" - A reference to the Netflix situation where it split in two for a while - one business for rent-by-mail-only movies, the other for streaming-only.

The kids' ears are not normally shown, but Kenny's are so the strap behind the Iron Man mask can stay in place.

Sometimes Cartman's Jack O'lantern has the yellow eyes and mouth like the other boys' do, sometimes it has black eyes and mouth.

Red Box rental boxes don't accept money - they operate on credit and debit card transactions only, so that part of the Kum & Go robbery could not happen in real life.

"Bruce, Tony, and Curt" - the Avenger's everyday alter egos. Bruce Banner (The Hulk), Tony Stark (Iron Man), and Curt Vaughn (Thor, but see below)

Thor is Thor, and so has no alter ego. Trey borrowed Curt Vaughn from The Cabin in the Woods, since Chris Hemsworth played both Curt Vaughn and Thor.

LOL, the police officers keep their captain looling good by not correcting him when he states factual errors.

Randy's plot is taken almost entirely from The Shining.

PSY created the Gangnam Style so prominent near the end of the episode.

"Stay Gold" returns. :)

Beer: John Adams -> Samuel Adams

Mr. Garrison is dressed as Driver from the 2011 movie Drive.

Butters' Wereprechaun was a character that was going to be used in an earlier episode, and would have included a vampire to make a character like ManBearPig. Maybe a Werevamprechaun.

"Chicken nuggers... and fries... sweet and sour sauce... and a Hi-C Orange." - In the 2011 documentary Six Days To Air, you see Trey receiving his McDonald's order, which includes some chicken nuggets, sweet and sour sauce, hot mustard sauce, large fries, a Big Mac, and a large drink (which might have been a Hi-C Orange). He reaches for a Coke Zero in his small fridge later.