The Secrets of

by Wild Willie Westwood, with sources from all over the Web


Oh, George Lucas just might react to this episode! Jar Jar Binks is the reason why. It's bad enough that some people think Jar Jar is a black stereotype ("Meesa" = "Massah", for instance). Let's see: the male is called Jakov. He calls the female Junjun, but everyone else calls her Hope. Junjun sounds very much like Gungan, the species of alien Jar Jar is one of. And Hope refers to Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope. The Jakovasaurs are just as clutzy as Jar Jar, and just as annoying, like Jerry Lewis, which explains why they ended up in France. They also have long arms, like Jar Jar, and their legs have designs on them similar to those on Jar Jar's arms. But they are one thing Jar Jar isn't: loud. Too loud. This whole thing is a plot against Jar Jar, isn't it? But Jar Jar at least got to be a general in the Gungan army.

Cartman has moved yet again.

Cartman's mom does smoke crack! So she's a crack slut.

The Department of the Interior is in charge of managing nearly half a million acres of federal lands, enforcing laws that protect threatened and endangered species (this explains why the agents were so interested in the jakovasaurs) and that govern the management of national wildlife refuges, and working closely with Indian Tribal leaders to insure that reservations receive adequate economic, educational and social services. It is the nation's principal conservation agency.

Garrison is more than just gay, he's a freak! He'll have it with man, woman, and animal. He could easily be a chickenlover himself.

Raise your hand if you didn't sleep with that pigeon? - Reminiscent of his question to everyone in the bar when Cartman was searching for his father: "Who here has never had sex with Mrs. Cartman?"

Cartman's the first to pick up that Junjun meant her mate when she said, "Meesa needa Jakov."

Fairplay is indeed in South Park County. Population, as of December, 1998: 450. It is at the rancher's barn that the Annual Drunken Barn Dance takes place.

Hey! I might have been still-born, but at least I got better! - a still-born baby doesn't get any better. It is dead.

Cartman mentions Tokugawa soldiers. Here's some info on the Tokugawa.