The Secrets of
"Jared Has Aides"

by Wild Willie Westwood, with sources from all over the Web

The boys walk up to Mr. Garrison without any of them seeming to recognize him.

Every time someone sings, it's a spoof of the Clay Henry cadence used in Subway commercials.

The worker tells Jared that the boys have a sandwich they'd like him to sign, but the boys bring no sandwich.

Looks like Jared's aides came straight from HBC. Take a look at the two guys immediately to the president's left below.
From 'It Hits The Fan'

When Jared and his date are dining, the vase and rose should have turned 180 degrees with every change in camera angle, but instead, they move very little while the background switches 180 degrees.

Hot Dogs
Potato Chips
Cole Slaw

Here's the candy bar that AIDS ruined

Thanks, G-Man. :)

Butters ate his own puke, but didn't get paid for it.

The aides/AIDS misunderstanding shuold have been cleared up as soon as the Subway representative read Jared's new slogan, but this point was ignored, and Jared ended up beating a dead horse.

The song playing after Jared loses his job at Subway spoofs Bruce Springsteen's "Streets of Philadelphia," for which Bruce, "The Boss," won an Oscar.

Another Philadelphia-related reference: the scene in which Jared is being fired ("am i being fired?") is a ripoff of Philadelphia.

A splotch of fat ends up on the bottom of the family portrait behind the sofa, but it misses the frame entirely, landing on the wall and the glass. When the camera zooms out to get the window in the shot, the splotch (and a second one that ends up on the side) on the portrait is gone.

Butters has apparently attempted liposuction surgery on himself four times already.

When Stan, Kyle, and Cartman arrive at Butters' door they stand before it with Stan to Kyle's left and Cartman to Kyle's right. When Butters looks at them Stan and Cartman have switched places.

When Jared was about to be hanged the boys stop the execution by clearing up the aides/AIDS misunderstanding. This is similar to the intervention in Cannibal! The Musical, when Polly Pry rides up to Alferd Packer as he is about to be hanged and tells him and the crowd that the execution has been stayed by the Governor.

. The boys made $15 for a commercial they never made - they got paid for their effort.

Cartman at least cleans up a little before Butters returns from City Wok. Cartman had all kinds of food out when he was watching TV: Zoop, soda, milk, chips, doughnuts, etc. When Butters returns three empty soda cans and a bag of chips remain in the living room.

When Cartman sets the beach chair up to watch what happens to Butters, the tune he hums is the Tonight Show's theme song from the days of Johnny Carson's reign.

Cartman now takes over for Kenny in the perversion department he mentions jacking off twice in this episode, and he's already jacked off a dog back in "Proper Condom Use." But then, he should have been a natural for that since the beginning. His mom's a crack whore, after all.

Work in progress The whole "aides" thing spoofs the double entendre and the misunderstandings that leads to in sitcoms. A few eps from last season were like this.

Looks like Comedy Central heard from Subway or Jared: this episode has yet to air in reruns.