The Guest Stars of
"My Future Self N' Me"

by Wild Willie Westwood

Future Stan, Future Butters, Future Cartman

Future Stan shows up with quite a bit of knowledge about Stan's past and his supposed future. Stan is taken aback by this until he learns that Butters also has a future self - who has been living with him for four months now. Stan suspects something is wrong with this picture, so he investigates where these future selves could come from. He narrows it down to Motivation Corp. and goes there to find out how all this works. He challenges the authenticity of this future Stan until he chops off his left hand. His father proceeds to chop off Future Stan's hand so as to show Stan that his future self is indeed missing the left hand. Stan shows that he faked chopping off his left hand, thus proving that Future Stan could not be from the future. Future Butters, on the other hand, remains a dutiful son, helping the Stotches with shopping and other errands. Future Cartman shows up as a fit, successful adult, quite the opposite of Future Stan and Butters. Cartman, having seen Stan and Butters fall for the Future Self setup, rejects his future self and walks off. The future Cartman is transformed into a fat plumber.

Motivation Corp. Director, Mr. and Mrs. Brooks, Josh Casher

The Motivation Corp. director talks to couples about hiring actors to protray future incarnations of their kids and about progress their kids have made since meeting their future selves. Stan overhears a conversation the director is having with the Brooks couple. Josh arrives and introduces himself as Kevin's future self, sharing some info as to what future he has for Kevin. Stan's parents talk to the director later on about Stan's progress with his future self.

Felipe and Carlos (l-r) are the first two people you see here.

Cartman's paint crew, including Felipe and Carlos

Cartman hires this crew to paint Butters' house with poop, or caca. Felipe has painted the living room with classic brown poop instead of baby green poop. Cartman tries to get him to paint the parents' bedroom classic brown poop. He then tries to get Carlos to spackle the wall, not paint it.