The Guest Stars of
"Fat Butt and Pancake Head"

by Wild Willie Westwood

Latino Endowment Council members

Make Your Own Video cashier, Police Officers

The five members of the Latino Endowment Council look on as the kids in class give their oral reports on the Latino experience in the U.S. Kyle is sure he has the best report until Cartman begins with his ventriloquism. The cashier makes a tape of "Jeniifer Lopez" singing about taco-flavored kisses, at Cartman's request, and decides to send a copy of it to a friend in Los Angeles who is in the music industry. The police come to arrest the real Jennifer Lopez after they get a report of a woman wielding a chainsaw and chasing after a boy. They mistake Jennifer Lopez for an undocumented worker, demanding that she drop her weapon and arresting her after the BHI Records people ask them to, since Jennifer attempted to kill their new artiest.

BHI President and Aides, Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck

The president of BHI Records and his aides get wind of a new singer living in South Park and decide to hire her after viewing her video. Her name is Jennifer Lopez, so, in order to avoid confusion, they fire the original Jennifer Lopez. She leaves and gets into her limo, where Ben Affleck waits, and demands that the driver take her to South Park. Once there, she searches for this other Jennifer Lopez. Butters notices Jennifer and Ben getting out of the limo in front of the school, and once Mr. Garrison sees them, the class heads outside. The school soon follows, and Ms. Lopez demands that the impostor come out. When no one speaks she decides to just give a warning and leave. Once out of view, "Jennifer Lopez" tells Jennifer Lopez to suck her ass. Jennifer returns demanding to know who said that, and all the kids back away from Cartman. Jennifer beats up Cartman's hand. Ben Affleck soon walks up to be at Jennifer's side, but is smitten by the new "Jennifer Lopez." The BHI Records people continue with their new Jennifer Lopez, laying down tracks for her album, while Ben begins a torrid affair with her. Undercover pictures lead to a National Inquisition cover story with a picture of Ben and "Jennifer" on the front cover. Jennifer returns to whack this new "Jennifer," and Cartman ends up in hospital with two dislocated fingers and a hairline fracture in one of the bones in the palm. After Cartman's hand recovers, he wakes up in bed one morning to find Ben Affleck next to him and Ben's spooge in his left hand. Ben and "Jennifer" had made love all night long while Cartman was asleep and now they were planning to marry. Cartman talks to Stan and Kyle about this, but they still don't believe his story. Cartman leaves, only to find himself chased by Ben (who wants to marry "Jennifer"), the BHI Records people (who want "Jennifer" back in studio for more recordings), and Jennifer (who wants to kill "Jennifer" for wanting to marry Ben). Stan, Kyle, and Kenny are at the doorway to see this happen and try to keep up. Cartman arrives at a bridge only to find a police car coming at him from the other end. Jennifer is still chasing him with a chainsaw, but the police demand that she put the weapon down. Jennifer is arrested and taken away. Once "Jennifer" reveals herself to be "Mitch Connor" and leaves in a gust of wind, Ben and the BHI Records people leave. Jennifer is last seen working at a La Taco restaurant.

"Jennifer Lopez", a fan in a dream concert, and "Mitch Connor"

Cartman creates "Jennifer Lopez" as part of his presentation during Cultural Diversity week in South Park, but continues with it after he wins the $20 gift certificate. "Jennifer" takes on a life of her own after making the "taco-flavored kisses" video at the video-making store. She gets a call from BHI Records asking her to write and sing enough songs to make an album, and she takes to it with gusto. She gets Cartman in trouble by talking back to Jennifer Lopez in front of the school building and somehow manages to take Ben Affleck away from her. "Jennifer" does things to Ben that a normal hand wouldn't do, and Ben proposes to her. "Jennifer" even has dreams of becoming rich and famous. Part of that dream involves the fan shown above, just one of many proclaiming they love "Jennifer Lopez." Once Jennifer Lopez is arrrested and Ben and the BHI Records people fight over "Jennifer", she reveals that she is actually "Mitch Connor," a con man who realized he's ruined a woman's career, cost a record company millions, inconvenienced a young boy and led Ben Affleck on. He leads Cartman to one side of a bridge, and leaves his hand in a gust of wind.